Friday, March 17, 2017

I´m on the team!!!

I have some amazing news to share - I got on the CT for The DigiChick!!! I threw in my application really last minute and didn´t really expected to get chosen but I did!

I´m so looking forward to get to work with all the wonderful people over at The Digichick and I have already been able to get some CT work done:

Just click HERE to get to my gallery at the TDC to find more layouts and full credits.

Hope you all get to have a wonderful weekend!/Carina

Monday, March 06, 2017

Summary of February challenges

During the month of February I managed to finish ALL the challenges at The DigiChick (TDC) and The Lily-Pad (TLP). I also did some layouts for my CT´s and five for the Bingo challenge at The Sweet Shoppe (SSD).

Since I CT for The Nifty Pixel at TDC and On A Whimsical Adventure at SSD I certainly use their wonderful designs for the challenges which is a win-win situation for all of us. I like doing the challenges and they get more attention when it comes to their products.

Thanks to a thread at TLP I discovered how to do simple collages in PSE so now I can show you all my layouts in one pic! Here are the layouts I made in February:

That´s 32 layouts in a month! No wonder I fill my printed photo albums for digiscrapping so fast!

I really think that challenges really boost my creativity and makes me do more different layouts. I´m still a one-photo layouts kinda girl but they don´t look the same. I´ve embraced the fact that I really like sticking to one photo when doing layouts - it´s what works best for me.

Hope you got some inspiration from ME this time - and don´t hesitate to do challenges! They´re fun and sometimes you even win stuff....😊

Hugs, Carina

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let´s talk about washi

Hi there!
Long time - no see so let´s just pretend that there hasn´t been aaaaanything new here for over a month and get down to buisness.

I don´t just digiscrap - I love to do ordinary scrapbooking too like pocket scrapbooking and layouts. If you´re like me you might just heard about that thing called washi, right? Isn´t it funny that tape is one of our to-go thing in paper scrapping right now by the way? And how many of you still uses eyelets and brads? Not me that´s for sure. Still I keep them in their little drawer like they´re waiting for some big comeback or something. But let´s get back to that washi.

I have loads of washi and I stash them all in a box from IKEA like this:

I have them sorted by color or theme (Christmas, Easter, foil, glitter etc) but everytime I want to use one I still have to dig out the rolls to see what´s gonna work best with what I´m doing at the moment.

Then a friend of mine showed this really nifty tip and that was to put a piece of every tape on a piece of paper so that you could see them better. So that´s what I did. I cut a thicker A4 paper into four pieces and added strips of tape by color or theme:

Now is this awesome or what? I can just grab my cards to see what will work best - and I see them much better now when they´re on paper too!

I should say that I realize that I don´t need anymore but that would be a lie. I keep finding more that I like but now I´m gonna be more focused on what I need  really want!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

MOC - Month Of Challenges

What would you say about taking part in a challenge that stretches for a full month? One new everyday for 31 days? Well that´s happening right now over at The Lily-Pad and it´s called Month Of Challenges - or short MOC. It´s the fifth year they´re running it and it´s the second time around for me doing it. The prizes are amazing and the challenges are so great! Just click below:

Today is January 4 so that means that four challenges have been posted. This year I´m trying to stay on top of things as much as possible but you don´t have to post your layout on the same day. I reckon once I start work again on Monday I will fall behind a couple of days.  But here ar my layouts for the first four:

Day 1 -  Letter challenge:

Day 2- 2016 in review:

Day 3 - template challenge:

Day 4- style challenge:

I´m super excited to see what tomorrow´s challenge will be! Why don´t you join too?
Hugs, Carina